Meet William

I was born in Chile in 1966, my father was a Lebanese immigrant and my mother is Italian. I grew up between Chile, Bolivia, Peru and other South American Countries due to my family business nature. At the age of 17 I started to study to become an Economist, after five years at the Catholic University of Chile I graduated with honors.

My first job was at the university where I studied at as assistant professor in economics and finance and I worked there for 5 years becoming a professor at the faculty…I was always intrigued by the private sector and I gave up my academic career, going to work as a Regional manager at the Epson Company-Chilean Division. In this corporation I occupied different managerial positions until I decided to pursue my master’s degree in the USA.

In 1995 I came to America to study my master in business and after finishing this postgraduate program I decided to establish my residence in Miami Beach, where I worked for Cisco Company and 3Com Company as Product Manager for Latin America until 2003.

Real estate became my passion on the side as an investor first, I bought several properties for myself as investments and then I decided to switch carriers again and in 2003 I became a Realtor, joining the Keyes Company. I have been with them all this years until now.

As a Realtor I have specialized in the Luxury Market, achieving consistently high levels of production, I have been a top producer year after year in the Keyes Miami Beach Branch.

The international nature of the Miami market mingled perfectly with my own international background, I speak Italian and Spanish and I have personal and business relationships with people of all continents. Real Estate is my passion; I apply to it my academic background from an analytical point of view and along the years I have developed a keen ability to find the right property for the right client.

I have lived in Miami Beach since 1995, I practice real estate for the last 12 years and I could not be more excited about the present moment and all the challenges that this vibrant metropolis named Miami offers for buyers and sellers.

I truly believe that we are living historical times in the life of this young city and I am excited about the fact that I have the chance to participate in building this new chapter. Miami is rapidly becoming a great metropolitan area that attracts people from all backgrounds and from all part of the globe.

Real Estate in South East Florida is my passion and it is what I expect to do for the rest of my life.