I am the happy owner of a beautiful waterfront condo in Bay Harbor Island, Florida. It is a piece of jewelry, a truly unique property. I was able to find it thanks to the thorough work and professional help of my realtor Mr. William A Zalaquett. I really needed to get something special, unique and tailored to meet my specific needs and William was able to read exactly through my requirements and find exactly what I needed. I couldn’t be more grateful for his help and dedication. I know it was not easy to work with me and he did it always with a smile on his face.

Jeffrey Seitzinger, Omaha Nebraka

I practice internal medicine in Montevideo Uruguay.In 2003 I had a project in which I needed to hire the services of a professional real estate agent in Florida. Through some contacts in Montevideo I was referred to Marion and William and since then we have developed a very strong business relationship. They helped me strongly during the project by finding the best possible location for a Plastic Surgery Clinic we successfully opened in Miami. Since then;they have been my realtors in other residential properties I have purchased. We have developed a fantastic professional and personal relationship,

Miguel Mato, Montevideo Uruguay

We are a family that has been investing in real estate since that times of our grandparents, we settled in Bolivia-South America as immigrants from the Middle East in the 1930’s and my family has created along the years a very important holding of real estate properties in several South American countries. When we decided to incursion into the US real estate market about two years ago, we really needed somebody that we could trust completely; since we didn’t know anything about the Florida market. We knew that we had to diversify our investments out of the countries that we usually invested in Latin America and it was a strategic decision to invest in the United States. Since William started to help us to buy properties in Miami; we have Been increasing the amount of assets allocated into the South Florida market as a consequence of the good results that the prior investments have shown. He is a great professional and we are blessed to have him as a friend as well.

Jose Luis Handal, Santa Cruz Bolivia.

I have closed several investment properties in the Miami area following the advice of Marion Ruiz and William Zalaquett…all of them have resulted in excellent investments my sources. Everything they projected would happen with the market is what really happened and I couldn’t be more grateful of these services and devices. They are a teamof real estate professional that know deeply about how the Florida real estate market works.

Alejandro Zicis. Buenos Aires Argentina

In a market like Miami, where you can find professionals from all over the world with different cultural backgrounds and different work methodologies and work ethic standards; it is very difficult to find somebody that you can feel related with. I was fortunate enough to find William as my Realtor when I decided to buy my first condo in Miami Beach. He really advice me like if I would’ve been a member of his family, at least that’s the way he made me feel. Very thorough with numbers and willing to explain you all the variables you need to consider to make the right decision.

IdalmisMorelliz, Los Roques Venezuela.

I leave in Milan Italy and I work in the corporate environment, I meet Marion searching for information related to commercial real estate in South Florida as the head of a project to open an office branch in Miami FL five years ago. I will always express my deep gratitude for all the time and interest that he dedicated to our project. Since then we remain in permanent communication along the years and she has become my main source for real market information in Florida. She is very knowledgeable; very fast responding and very professional. You can feel her passion for what she does.

Daniela Sipriano, Milan Italy

When it comes to describing a person, it is difficult to summarize the best qualities if the subject is somebody like William. He so many qualities in the professional arena as well as in the personal arena; that it is difficult to make your mind and be brief. If I would have to write everything that I think about him; this testimonial would be a longer than needed. But I could say that William is one of the most serious professionals real estate agents that I’ve ever met in the United States, I live in Boston, Massachusetts and I have a deep interest in the South Florida Real Estate Market and William has become a key piece of my decision-making processes at the time of making real estate investments in Miami. He is completely trustworthy, very dedicated and extremely honest.

Brandon Latham, Boston Massachusetts

I met Marion and Started William world! in an international real estate fear in London in 2004, since then we’ve developed Testimonial a fantastic professional and personal relationship. She is a person Festival with a deep knowledge of the chicagobearsjerseyspop Florida market, very strong academic background but at the same time with a very keen sense of what I call Business Common Sense. I wouldn’t use any other realtor in Florida when it comes to buying real estate. She ???????????????? is really fantastic.

Carlos Duncan, London UK

“When William asked me to write some testimonials about my business relationship with him, I couldn’t separate the fact that we became good friends along the years of working together. I could say that he is one of my best friends right now as well as one of my most rusted consulting professionals overview in the management of my assets worldwide. I met him about nine years ago in Miami FL when I decided to start investing in the USA. Since then, I’ve been able to gather a nice portfolio of assets in the southeast area of the state of Florida with the professional help of William. His personal qualities along with a high standard of professionalism made him a great contribution to my team”

Alfredo Muller, Santiago Chile

“Marion and William have become a key piece in my diversification strategy in the United States, I’ve known them for the last five years and they have been instrumental in helping me develop a fantastic portfolio of с real estate assets in the Miami area. They are very Bible knowledgeable, professional, organized and responsible. They are very easy to do business with and a pleasure to spend time as well”

Carlos Naves, Mexico City Mexico